Add an accent chair: Something as simple and practical as a chair, can be used as an eye-catching décor element at home
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A stylishly crafted chair, with eye-catching color and design, serves to create an individual style statement in a home’s décor. An accent chair can add a splash of glamour and elegance. With an amusing piece, you can add character and depth to a room, or contribute to a theme, besides providing a functional seating option.

Accent chairs are available in a medley of designs – from contemporary to classic to eclectic, like chaise lounge chairs, high chairs, quirky chairs, winged chairs, chairs with graphic illustrations or printed photo and regal silver ones or opulent gold-painted ones, encrusted with semi-precious stones.

Choose the best chair

Before selecting a chair, one needs to identify its purpose and utility. “For example, a winged chair is ideal as the main dining chair, or it can be used as a reading chair too. You can also add a footstool, for extra comfort. A winged chair or a rocking chair can also be coupled with a sofa set.

“These pieces can be made quirky or strong, with bright-colored fabrics or prints that match a particular theme.”

In the living room or entertainment room, depending on the place available, one can also choose recliners, which are accessible in manual and automated options, in different colors. Fancy chairs do not need to be kept, only in corners or in the entertainment area. Instead, one should experiment with different options


Even a simplistic chair can give a refreshing new look with pillows. The seat and the back can be in different colors – either plain, or striped, or with floral themes. Choose the scale of the pattern, according to the size and the style of your room. Light-colored fabrics look classy, but they may become soiled easily.

Tips to choose stylish chairs

  • Choose an accent chair, according to the size and the dimension of the room where it will be placed. A large, elegant chair, with a high back, will look hideous in a tiny space.
  • The chair should stand out in your home décor and be an enjoyable viewpoint at home.
  • Besides its design do ensure that the chair is comfortable, regarding the height and depth of the seat and the inclination of the backrest.
  • For a luxurious look, choose velvet or silk, with embellishments or brocade cushions.
  • Chenille, cotton, and jute are solid fabrics that are simple to maintain. Leather ages beautifully, but it is not easy to maintain, and it can be expensive.


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