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We combine our depth of real estate expertise with our understanding of the economics of design and construction to create market-focused solutions. We analyse the true value of any property our customers are looking to sell or purchase by carrying out a due diligence test and ensuring an informed decision making process to get the highest possible yield from the transaction. Through our special expertise to understand real estate architecturally, we provide guidance to identify buildings created with high quality design. We assess the potential of the project at hand by recognising the architectural quality and development potential to ensure the client gets adequate return on investment.

Architecture Recent Works
  • Delta


    ANP Holding
  • Nissan


    ANP Holding
  • NEC


    ANP Holding
  • News Hits

    News Hits

    ANP Holding
  • P&G Salon

    P&G Salon

    ANP Holding
  • Raymonds


    ANP Holding
  • Residence – DilipPuri

    Residence – DilipPuri

    ANP Holding
  • Renault


    ANP Holding
  • Retail Outlet – Siemens

    Retail Outlet – Siemens

    ANP Holding
  • Move n Pick

    Move n Pick

    ANP Holding
  • News X

    News X

    ANP Holding
  • Huawei


    ANP Holding
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