Color for your home: Colours have a profound effect on individuals and can affect us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
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Color therapy is an alternative method of healing, through the use of colors. When we gaze at colors, different energies are absorbed, as each color has its frequency and vibration. We are always surrounded by a free flow of colors, through nature, the clothes that we wear and space where we live or work. At different stages of our lives, we feel attracted to or repelled by different colors, depending on our emotional and mental needs.

The importance of colors

The sun is the origin of light and helps to sustain life on our planet. There is a direct relationship between the sun and the science of Vastu Shastra, as each direction has one color that influences it positively, points out Mumbai-based Jayshree Dhamani, a Vastu and astrology expert. “Sunlight appears to be gold in color but it contains seven different colors – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Each color has a different wavelength. Suitable colors in the right direction enhance the health and prosperity of the home’s inhabitants. If the wrong colors are used, then, it creates stress and conflicts in the minds of the inmates.

How to pick the right colors for your décor

It is better to pick warm colors in rooms where is a lot of activity, such as the living room and dining room. Instead of red, for example, one can use shades of burgundy, wine, terracotta, etc., as they are not overpowering. A color scheme that focusses on only one or two colors can cause an imbalance in energy. It is not only the wall zest that has an impact, but also the zest of furnishings, paintings, plants, and lights. So, the home should have different colors.

Yellow is the color that is nearest to sunshine and is regarded as a cheerful color, so try it in some way at home. People who are depressed can add a dash of orange zest to their room, to develop optimism. “Someone who has tensions, body pains, and sleeplessness, can opt for blue-colored walls or curtains, to get relief. Similarly, people who do meditation and spiritual practices can use violet color in the room for calmness. One can also use lamps of different shades, to add specific colors to a place, as and when needed.

Ideal colors for diverse areas of the house

  • Ceilings should always be white or off-white color, as it reflects light.
  • Green (which symbolizes life and growth), blue (aids concentration), yellow (stability), orange (cheerfulness) are recommended for children’s bedrooms.
  • For the worshipping area, it is best to use purple or lavender, as it is linked with spirituality, peace, and wisdom.
  • Orange represents excitement and enthusiasm and is apt for an exercise room.
  • Avoid overuse of black and grey, as it can give a depressing feel.
  • Red helps in inclining appetite. So, add subtle prints of red on the dining table, with red flowers.
  • Bedrooms should be done up in calm colors, such as pink, peach, light yellow, green and other light colors.
  • The pink color is associated with romance. Similarly, the color red is the color of passion but avoid too much of it in the bedroom, as it leads to aggression.


Vastu guide to choosing colors for different directions

Direction Ruling Planet Colour
East Sun White
West Saturn Blue
North Mercury Green
South Mars Coral red
South-west Rahu Green, pink
South-east Venus White, silver
North-west Moon White
North-east Jupiter Golden yellow

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