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In this mirage of glass and concrete of Mumbai, don’t you miss the open spaces where you could run freely? As potential homeowner, here are 4 Factors that you must look out for while House Hunting:

Amenities: Look for properties that have, within the complex, an array of amenities such as a gym, business center, a temple, children’s play area, a swimming pool or an area dedicated to hosting events. This will add the factor of convenience to your stay.

Open Spaces: This is considered a luxury in a city like Mumbai. However, there are properties in that cater to such environments. Look for properties that provide you the luxury of walking around. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle not just for your kids but for yourself as well.

Nature: Studies have shown that those who have elements of nature around their living spaces are bound to be happier and more productive. Look for complexes that have a spoonful of these elements such as trees, gardens, water bodies. Nature instills a calming vibe and makes the surroundings cooler in temperature, compared to those that are insufficiently surrounded by trees or other elements of nature.

While you may find it difficult to search a property that includes all the factors, some of the developers have really come up with beautiful projects that incorporate all these requirements.

Another factor that you must consider is:

Value for Money: It is essential that you determine your budget and ensure that the property you choose is living up to its investment. The flats should be conducive to your needs and those of your family. Make sure to check for an open and airy floor plan, the last thing you want is to live in a cramped space.

Keeping the above in mind, you are bound to find a property that will match your expectations. Choosing a home is a big decision, thus you should lay your options out and make an informed decision.

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