Home décor tips for Leo sun sign: Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Leo zodiac sign
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Leo is the free and creative sign of the zodiac. If you are born under this sun sign, then, you would love to live in the wild and the wonderful, preferably in a castle. A majority of people belonging to this sun sign, desire to own a large house with lots of land and animals. Although popular perception is that you love to have people over, sometimes this is all a show. To you, the home is a place of comfort, recreation, and transformation – a secret private retreat. Here are some home décor tips that align with your innate sun-sign’s traits.

Overall home décor for Leo homeowners

Comfort, luxury, and elegance, are the driving forces for this fire sign. You enjoy the latest furnishings and gadgets. While creating and dressing your abode, use the sunny and fiery hues of your ruling planet and element – the sun and fire. Candles, satin pillows, exotic accessories, things related to music, designer lightings, creative imagery, etc., make compatible home embellishments for you.


Colour code for home décor for Leos

Empowering hues: Your loyalty, generosity, creativity, and royalty are legendary. The vibrations of gold, orange and red, bring out the radiance of your sun sign’s personality. Hence, use these colors while doing up your house.

Hues of harmony: The energies emanating from ultramarine blue, indigo and even mystic black, will surely add that extra sparkle to your festivities and life at home. Add these colors in your home, to empower the vibrations of social harmony and joy.

Colors impacting earning power: Yellow and yellow-orange are said to promote your earning prowess. Use this color prominently in your corner or workstation at home, to absorb the positive vibrations of these colors.

Furniture for Leo home owners

Very few Leos would give up the opportunity to have a dressing closet, with a full-length mirror, as you take pride in your appearance and grooming regimen. Ergonomically designed beds and seating arrangements are essential, for you. Freestanding storage units give you the flexibility to move things around when you want to create a different mood. You prefer long, narrow tables, to put yourself at the head of the table and give them greater authority.


Fabrics for Leo homeowners

Natural, creamy textures that exude class and are the comfortable appeal to your senses. Being creative, you prefer fluidity in your selections of patterns and colors for home fabrics. During specific periods, you may prefer more yang energy (bright colors and triangular, pointed patterns) and at other times more yin vibrations.


Fragrance for Leo homeowners

You are extremely creative and love to shine at home, like your planet, the sun. The sweet warming scents of amber, rich spicy fragrance of myrrh, exotic and romantic sweet smells of rose, musk, sandalwood and juniper, enliven your spirits and are ideal for your home.


Nature in the house

At home, you need at least some of the living vitality that wildlife has to offer. For this, you can fill your home with plants, pets, flowers, wood, sunlight, and air. The trees and plants that you choose around your house, have a powerful impact on your vibrations and therefore, a significant influence on your mood. Hence, select your greens and pets with care.


Keep the house clutter-free

Leo homeowners love spring cleaning, especially when they are in charge. You would like all inhabitants of the house to contribute their bit, in the cleaning process and are open to calling in professional cleaners, if possible. You also tend to do your creative best, to make the entire exercise fun for everyone involved, with plenty of beautiful treats.



It is believed that in your previous incarnations, you were occupied with caring for the lesser privileged. Now is the time to reflect your glory outward.

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