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India is witnessing an unprecedented growth of infrastructure. There is a massive shift to living in gated communities with high rise buildings. Cloning the western culture of development and living, India has seen an enormous rise in construction of multi-storey buildings. An excellent example is Mumbai being named as Skyscraper City with the 12th highest number of skyscrapers in the world. These buildings are mostly being built for residential purposes. The trend of living in high-rise buildings has gained popularity throughout the country and is on an upward slope. Living in high rise buildings comes with an undeniable appeal.

Breath-taking View: Living in a high rise building comes with a magnificent view of the city. Enjoying a bird’s view of the sea or the city lights is unmatched. The most critical factor that advocates investing in apartments in these buildings is the view that they offer.

Peaceful Sanctuary: Living in these apartments gives you a chance to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offers an opportunity to enjoy some peace in your home which is rarely possible for people living in the traditional houses just offset from the roads. It gives the best of both worlds as you can enjoy some time cut off from the fast life yet gives a feeling of community living. You can live in a big crowded city and still find quiet solace in the sanctuary of your home.

Pride: It is no doubt that being able to live in a high rise in today’s time is an achievement in itself. Being able to live in a plush apartment in a skyscraper imbibes a sense of pride and teaches a feeling of accomplishment. It is also an asset that has been built for the future generations to come. It is no less than a legacy that you will leave behind.

Increased Safety: The concerns that come with traditional living are not a point of interest in the new buildings. Developers are required to adhere to strict safety guidelines to ensure the building is well protected against natural calamities. Safety regulations for these buildings are stringent. Also, being gated communities, they are safer for adults and children both. Additional layers of security for any person entering the complex are a norm to safeguard the residents from thefts, robbery or any other crimes which are not uncommon in conventional houses. It also eliminates the need to have a dedicated guard for every household.

Uncompromised Urban Living:  Living in a high rise no longer means living away from nature and other recreational activities. These are in fact now a part of all projects of high rise living. It is even possible to have your terrace gardens to enjoy having your green space, as well as community parks and gardens, are a part of these residential complexes. Residents are protected from pollution and exposed to cleaner and healthier living.


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