The Surge Towards Community Living: The Surge towards Community Living
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Indian residential living is evolving in tandem with global trends. The desire for community living with luxurious lifestyle amenities is the driving force behind numerous world-class residential townships coming up in the country.

Gated residential colonies is an age-old concept. It dates back to the late 1800s when the wealthy citizens required luxurious living which led to the posh gated communities making an appearance for the first time. Initially, these gated premises were solely for residential purposes and comprised of independent group houses in the form of bungalows and villas specially made to fit the lifestyle and affordability of the elite. These constructions were mostly seen in the outskirts or suburbs of the metro cities. Such developments offered privacy, protection, and prestige to the affluent. It gave a sense of belongingness to this class of people fulfilling their need to live closely among those who had a similar lifestyle.

In today’s time, most gated communities consist of group apartments and are targeted towards the upper-economic sector of the market. This kind of development has emerged as a dominant category of living for this particular class of society. The major attraction of the community living is the security, convenience, social interaction and the access to a wholesome standard of living. Safety is the key highlight of such projects. There are multiple layers of security including advanced technology features and standard security check protocols to ensure unwanted intrusions become highly unlikely.

Gated complexes offer an array of amenities for fitness, relaxation, social infrastructure, retail and healthcare facilities resulting in a comfortable and convenient living environment. In the more recent developments, there are reputed schools also opening branches within these living systems. In the busy lifestyle today, these are the key features homebuyers seek out to suit their lifestyle. Everything is within the boundary of the complex and thus eliminates the struggle of being caught in escalating traffic without having to miss out on desired activities. Also, the residents are usually in a good social environment with like-minded people living in the vicinity and create a healthy work-life balance.

Thus with the appealing features of these vicinities and neighbours who come from similar socio-economic strata, there is a surge towards gated residential living.


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