Tips to find a PG accommodation in Delhi: We suggest some steps that prospective tenants can follow, to get the best deal
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Paying guest accommodation, also popularly known as co-living spaces, are a cost-effective option, when it comes to living on rent in Delhi. Though, if you are new to the city, it is essential to know how to go about searching for a PG accommodation.

Primary & secondary sources of information

One can use the online real estate portals, as primary sources, to search rental PG properties. “Justdial” can serve as an auxiliary source of information, where one can get contacts of broker contacts & coordinate with them for the PG search, which provides curated properties that are fully furnished and on a room basis.

Priorities that one should consider

In the present scene, Paying Guest homes are slowly gaining preference. There are several reasons for this change, in metro cities. People now prefer lease options that offer everything in the neighborhood and at relatively affordable rates. Hence, there is more need for rental places in Delhi that offer easy commuting and proximity to the office, markets, etc.

Harshit Takkar, manager – business intelligence, FellaHomes, maintains that Delhi has something for everyone – from bungalows to PG properties. It is essential to focus on one’s needs when looking for a Paying Guest accommodation. Proximity to the workplace/ educational institute may be the decisive factor, for some, while others may prefer a place near commercial areas. List your priority and search for a property, accordingly. One can search online portals, to find PG listings in the city, or even look at specific companies that provide ready-to-rent homes. If this fails to yield results, you can also approach property agents/ brokers.


The market for Paying Guest Homes

Owing to the explosion in demand for PG spaces, owners are also trying to cater to the taste and lifestyle of such tenants. Tenants now want PG accommodations that offer a particular lifestyle, with friendly co-tenants and at the same time, provide value for money. Many house owners have also started their own paying guest business, to milk the opportunity in the market. Living on rent in Delhi has never been so welcoming than ever!


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